Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course is the comprehensive study of concepts and principles related to the field of Human Anatomy and Physiology. Topics in this course include: Science: The Impact of Technology, Body as a Whole, Homeostasis, Biochemical Composition of Body, Factors Affecting Enzyme Action, Animal Tissues, Integumentary System, Disorders of Integumentary System, The Skeletal System, Bones, Disorders of Musculoskeletal System, The Muscle, Nervous System, Vertebrate Sensory Organs, Endocrine Glands, Endocrine Disorders, Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism, Digestive System Disorders, Respiratory System, Disorders of the Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System, Immune System, Disorders of the Immune System, Urinary System, Disorders of Urinary System, Human Reproductive System, and Disorders of Reproductive System.

Level: High School

Course: Elective