Latin I

World Language
This course covers major periods of Roman history, geography of ancient Roman world, pronunciation of classical Latin, use of the irregular “esse,” verb usage in the present, imperfect, and future tense, irregular verbs, declension, nominative, accusative, ablative, genitive, daitive, and vocative cases, prepositions and prepositional phrases, usage and translation of verbs in the perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. This course also covers the third declension i-stem nouns, the common deities, common myths, different types of architectural columns, uses, forms, and translations of 3rd conjugation verbs, 3rd-io conjugation verbs, 4th conjugation verbs, personal pronouns, and destruction of Pompeii. Apart from this, adjectives, noun and adjective agreement, adverb formation and translation, Roman numerals, irregular adjectives, cardinal and ordinal numbers in Latin, present active infinitive, questions and conjugations in Latin, and use of Latin abbreviations in modern professions are also discussed in this course.

Level: High School

Course: Elective