Computer Science 8

Computer Science
In this course, you will understand how accessibility is an important consideration in the design of any computing system, know the various hardware and software factors that determine the capability of a computing system, use checklists to troubleshoot problems starting from the basics, know how protocols allow different devices to communicate, understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and secured information, analyze the difference between data collected by individual devices or by systems, explore how data is represented using characters, numbers, and bits, know how cleaning of data reduces noise and errors, understand how recommendations are predicted using data sets with the help of algorithms, know what variables are and how they are declared, explore the uses of compound and nested conditionals, state how a procedure is a module that performs tasks, employ user-centered designs to create solutions that can impact the society, feel the effect of globalization and the impacts of online piracy, and know how social networking can lead to social engineering and other unauthorized access to information.

Level: Middle School

Grade: 8