Computer Science 7

Computer Science
The course focuses on the study of human-computer interaction, figure out how a computing system stores and processes information, understand that the systematic process of troubleshooting will begin with identifying the source of a problem, recognize the best path to send and receive data, explore the security measures to safeguard online information, know that data is sampled and converted into a computer-understandable form, understand that data transformation removes errors and expose relationships, know that algorithms that are readable are easier to follow, test, and debug, illustrate that variables enable flexibility to represent different situations, demonstrate why programmers use loops, event handlers, and conditionals to create complex program behavior, understand how procedures can be repurposed in new programs, develop programs based on the diverse needs and wants, demonstrate the impact of computing technology on globalization, and sketch the difference between allowing information to be public and keeping it secure.

Level: Middle School

Grade: 7