Applied Math Concepts

This course builds a foundation of applications of data in everyday life. Topics in this course include: amortization, annuities, and sinking fund, importance of financial modeling, future and present values, depreciation schedules, financial decision making, arithmetic and geometric sequence in financial math, finance involving compound interest, transcendental functions, order of magnitudes, system of linear equations, linear programming optimization, logical circuits, construction of truth tables, problem solving strategies, conditional statements, logic puzzles, arguments with quantifiers, Venn diagrams, logical statements of networks, tree diagram and counting principle, measures of central tendency, fair games, organizing and analyzing data, investment strategy, permutations and combinations, probability and making decision using it, law of large numbers, examples of consequences and innumeracy, expected value and standard deviation, normal distribution, and confidence interval for population mean and proportions.

Level: High School

Course: Elective